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10 Perfect Trips for a Girls Weekend

Girl climbing a hill in the Joshua Tree desert

A weekend is the best time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a refreshing outdoor ambience. It’s the perfect time to indulge in more than the typical weekend brunch and fill the Instagram feed with photos of something new. Therefore, a girls’ trip is a unique way to reunite, reminisce, and create lasting memories. Here are 10 girls weekends that will provide an abundance of priceless moments.

10  Take a Pottery Class in Paris, France

While getting your hands dirty isn’t a girl’s thing, pottery classes are a distinct weekend idea for girls. This is a new craft to try that can help promote creativity. France is the ideal destination to take basic courses in ceramic pottery. Interactions around ceramics and pottery tend to be authentic as they involve a high level of sobriety and calm. Some top ranked classes in France include; Pepperclay Ceramic, Atelier Terres and the Blue Whale.

9 Hiking in Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree, California is the perfect place for an adventurous group. The scenic landscape is home to diverse wildlife at Joshua Tree National Park. There are also plenty of hiking trails. It offers a wide range from easy nature trails and longer hikes with Instagrammable scenery to trails that explore the mining history of the park. However, whichever version of Joshua Tree the band adopted; it will bring a renewed sense of healthy vibes. There are a few hiking trails here to put on the bucket list, and some include the Chollo Cactus Nature Trail, Hidden Valley, Arch Rock, Skull Rock, and Barker Dam.

8 A treat for a glamping spa retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico

For a truly distinct weekend plan, an entire team can head to a glamping spa retreat and spend the weekend relaxing in a stylish tent while enjoying a serene spa treatment. A spa session in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers physical, mental and spiritual healing essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also releases the mannequin inside, enhancing a youthful feel.

7 A beach trip to the Maldives

The Maldives has emerged as a top pick on virtually everyone’s bucket list. From exotic flora and fauna to turquoise blue ocean and mesmerizing sunsets, Maldives beaches can revitalize the heart, brain and other organs. The white sand that embraces the tropical vegetation will awaken the child inside and, in turn, lead him to indulge in fun activities. The impressive beauty inherent in the beaches of the sea attracts tourists from all over the world. Some of the most popular beaches in the Maldives include Hulhumale, Bikini, Reethi, Bando Maldives, Four Seasons and Kandolhu Island Beach.

6 An Island Tour in Fiji

With over 300 islands, endless beaches and awesome hiking trails, everything about Fiji is spot on. The volcanic islands nestled in the South Pacific are one of those unforgettable diamond gems that really stand out. Girls can enjoy the luxurious accommodations of the Marriott Resort at Momi Bay and settle into the overwater villa.

5 Go to an art fair in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is the ultimate destination for visitors who want to soak up the culture and enjoy the modern and contemporary works of major art patrons and emerging artists. The group of friends will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of artistic mediums, from painting and sculpture to digital art and cinema.

4 Go Glamping in Montreal, Canada

With many glamping sites in Montreal, the whole crew can enjoy the view without having to sleep on the ground. The sites are fully equipped with hardwood beds, attached bathrooms and tasty cuisines. Some of the best sites include Imago Village, Cedar Haven Resort, Bel Air Tremblant and Ruby Lake Resort.

3 Have a progressive dinner in New Orleans

With culinary influences incorporating African, Caribbean, French, Spanish and Italian, New Orleans has established itself as a leader in service to savor mouth-watering dishes not available elsewhere. in the country. From foodie institutions to local neighborhood restaurants, you don’t have to spend a fortune to tantalize your taste buds with exciting New Orleans cuisines. The progressive dinner will be incomplete without trying signature dishes such as okra, jambalaya or red beans and rice. Some of the best restaurants in New Orleans are Commander’s Place, Herbsaint, Brigtsen’s and Coquette.

2 National parks to visit in Mexico

Mexico is the ultimate vacation destination. It offers incredible things to see and do. With delicious cuisines, impressive archaeological sites, and bustling cities, there’s plenty in Mexico just waiting to be explored. However, a trip to Mexico is incomplete without a visit to Mexico’s main national parks. Some national parks include; Bahia de Loreto, Cabo Pulmo, Basaseachic Falls and Isla Contoy National Park.

1 Visit a concert hall in New York

Many clubs, concert halls and exciting new venues in downtown Brooklyn provide an opportunity for live and electronic music. A visit to the Bowery Ballroom features major rock and pop bands. The C’mon Everybody in Bedford-Stuyvesant hosts DJ nights and drag shows in its small music room. Other live music venues in New York include Good Room, Irving Plaza, King Theater and Madison Square Garden.

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