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A great weekend adventure in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

A great weekend adventure in New Hampshire's White Mountains

New Hampshire’s White Mountains are one of my family’s favorite places in the world to visit. We have explored the area many times and hiked countless trails. The area is vast and beautiful – you could almost spend your life exploring this magnificent national forest. Standing at the base of Mount Washington and gazing up at the towering mountain is awe-inspiring. Traveling the Kangamangus Highway or exploring the many small towns nestled within this incredible mountain range is always memorable, and the waterfalls of the White Mountains, along with many lesser-known treasures, are always worth a visit. So when we planned a weekend camping trip, I guess you could say the excitement was hard to measure. We grabbed our gear and set off on an incredible camping trip that created family memories that will last a lifetime.

This trip was everything we had hoped it would be. We spent lots of quality time around the campfire and shared meals cooked on our little camp stove. We played with our children with the many fun options the campsite offers. Our family hiked and conquered three mountain peaks and were rewarded with stunning views. This weekend is something that I have recommended to several people since and I am proud to present it to you as well. So, as the Lincoln Woodstock KOA likes to say “get out more” and enjoy this amazing New Hampshire National Forest.

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